How to use Coupons?

From time to time, we offer different coupon codes that can be found in places on the internet.

A coupon code can save some big money so we encourage you to find the deal before you make your purchase.  As a reminder, once you place an order, no coupon codes will be applied.  So make sure you use a code if available at the time of your order.

Special Deal Sites (Like Groupon)

Sometimes we will offer a super deal.  If available, you can make your online purchase from the deal site and use the gift code to redeem your custom bobble head doll.

In either case, go through our website and make a premade or full custom selection.  Complete the order form and add to cart.  the next screen is the review screen (as seen below).  Simply place your coupon code or super deal gift code into this box (see arrow) and hit the go button.  If the coupon is accepted, our cart will show you the discount, if not we will advise you the same.

Keep in mind, we can not allow multiple coupon codes or super deal codes to be used at the same time.  One discount per order is allowed.  

Thank you for reading this information, as our way to thank you, please feel free to use this valuable coupon code:  read

This will take off 10% of your order.  Enjoy our website!