What are proofs?

What are proofs?

Our custom products are all hand sculpted.  During production, we go through 2 major stages.  Clay and then color.  On our order form we allow our clients to choose the proofing option when making their doll.

Proofing allows you to view the various stages of creation and provide your feedback.

Head Proof:    Is to show you the facial contour and how the hair is being molded.  During this stage you can help ensure that the dolls features including Lips, mouth, nose, eyes, shape, chin, cheeks (facial hair if applicable), shape and style of hair and all parts complete are exactly as you want before the head is approved.     

  • HAIR: As the bobblehead dolls are made with clay, it is important to have the hair higher than the body shoulder line to allow proper function of the bobblehead doll.  If the hair is lower, reduced function will occur.  It is possible to have no bobble action if the hair is not higher.
  • HAT:  If you decide to order your doll with a hat, the hat will need to be on the clay head proof.  
  • GLASSES: If you decide to add glasses to your bobble head doll, the clay stage also would show glasses. 

Keep in mind that your doll will be sculpted based only on the primary photo given.  You can opt to Send additional photos as reference only, however we cannot change photos at any time.  Changes requested to the doll not reflective from the original primary photo will result in additional fees. 


  •  Revised Proof (if denied):   If you ask for a revision we will make the change and provide another proof to you.  This can continue back and forth until you make your approval.

Body Proof:   On full custom orders, we will provide body proofs.  We go by the description written and selected on your order form.  During this phase we can make slight changes to the body position and clothing type if needed.  Major changes to position or clothing will result in additional sculpting fees. 


1.      The body proof needs to show the type of clothing desired, position of clothing, pose of arms / legs / body, body type, muscle definition, all accessories and items ordered  (accessories like a chair, watch, book, bat, etc).



 Painted Proof / Completed:   Once you make your approval of the clay proofs, we will bake your doll.  Keep in mind that at this stage, all clay proofs are completed, approved and cannot be changed.  We can modify color only.  If you make your completed doll approval, we will prep your doll for final shipment.  It is important for you to check all the detail before sending us back your approval.  Items such as base text, proper colors, uniform, logos, accessories etc.  If they are not on the doll now – they will not be later.  This proof is the time to let us know what changes to make as we offer no post adjustments once the doll/s are received.

Opt out of proofing.  Some clients choose to opt out of proofing.  As we recommend proofs on our dolls if you opt out of them, we will simply create the doll based on the photo provided, interpret how we think the doll should be sculpted and on completion send it out to you.  No post returns will be offered.  By accepting no proofing - you agree to take the responsibility for the doll you receive as is.  We provide internal proofing but we are only as good as the photo received.

Some time lines no proofs will be offered:  When you choose your production time, several options allow for the proofing option.  The faster time lines such as 1-2 weeks and 1 week production orders provide internal proofing only.