Shipping Info

How long does it take to receive my bobble head Doll?
A great question, we actually give you the control on this one.  During the ordering process, we offer various time lines for you to choose from for production.  The time lines are as follows:

Approximately 6-8 weeks - proofing provided
Approximately 4-6 weeks - proofing provided
Approximately 3-4 weeks - proofing provided
Approximately 2-3 weeks - proofing provided
Approximately 1-2 weeks (internal proofing only)
Approximately 1 week (internal proofing only)

On most of our shipping options you have proofing provided.  Delivery is dependent on your response of our proofs / approvals and or any changes that may be needed for you to approve the doll.  Delays in response to our proofs can add additional time to the selected time line.  

All timelines are approximate made and delivery times.  We are not responsible for delays caused by delays in proofing, excessive modifications to proofs or 3rd party shipping.  We will ship with UPS or FedEx in all cases.  

We ship worldwide from as low as 9.99 per doll from our overseas China factory.