Material to use

What type of material is best for me?


When it comes to making a custom bobblehead doll, we believe the decisions on how to make them should be provided from our clients.  Being said, we offer different materials to choose from.


RESIN – When you choose resin (no additional fee), we will create your doll in 2 basic steps.  We will hand sculpt your item out of clay and provide photo proofs (most time lines this is available) for approval.  Once approved, we fire the clay (bake) and paint it to the specifications of the order.  On completion, we provide another proof to show off our work and once approved, we mail the item to you.


POLYMER CLAY – When you choose polymer clay (additional fee applied), we will also create your doll in 2 basic steps, however very different ones.  The first type proof is called a complexion proof.  This proof we will show you basically a lump of clay in the color of the complexion for the doll.  Once approved, we will hand sculpt every detail into the piece using all colored clay.  Polymer clay does not have paint; all the colors are hand chiseled into the piece offering the finest detail.

Sample shown here:



Resin – Strong material, baked and hardened                    

Polymer – Wonderful detail, vivid color, best overall look



Resin - Some detail lost due to paint filing in spaces (like teeth etc)

Polymer Clay – More fragile than resin, pretty strong but if handled a lot, the piece can break