Do the Heads Bobble?

Do your heads bobble?

All of our custom bobble head dolls feature a real working bobble head doll.  We use a spring that is molded from the body into the head.

This allows a nice movement of bobble action.

We do not charge a fee to make the head bobble, it is part of our everyday service.

Question, I do not want the head to bobble, can you make my doll with a non-bobble head?

Yes, as stated before all our heads bobble - so on the order form, you simply have to specify you do want the head to bobble (fixed head is the industry term) and we will make it without the standard bobble head doll feature - no spring.

Note on Hair - - Because our products feature hard clay, the hair of your doll must be higher than the shoulder line of the body to avoid the head hair and the shoulders to hit.  If this happens, the doll will have limited bobble action.  We recommend having the hair especially on female dolls to be higher than the shoulder.