Bobble Head Size


At, we offer our clients the ability to choose the size of the doll they prefer.  Our standard size is approximately, 7 inches.  This size includes the base which is approx 1/2 inches high.  and around 3 inches wide.

On the order form, our dolls have the ability to be larger if selected to a 9 or 12 inch size.  Making these selections can really increase the size of our bobble head dolls.  Not only does the doll gain in height, but also in width.

We prefer making the larger size dolls in the polyresin material.  Polymer makerial is ok to use as well but it is much softer and the extra size and weight makes it more susceptible to damages.  So our recommendation is resin.

Special notes on sizes.  As all our pieces are hand made, our size van vary from piece to piece.  Sometimes, we have to use proportions depending on the type of pose.  EX.  A person standing will choose a 7 inch doll and receive a 7 inch doll.  However, the pose may be a person sitting at a desk.  So the overall size would be smaller than 7 inches high - it would be proportioned to the position of the body.  This applies to dolls that are sitting, in a vehicle as well.  The same of course applies to 9 or 12 inch dolls.  So our sizing of our dolls vary from case to case due to the potential of styles we offer.