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Single Full Custom Head to Toe Bobblehead Doll

Bobblehead ID Number SFC
Single Full Custom Head to Toe Bobblehead Doll
Single Full Custom Head to Toe Bobblehead Doll
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Bobblehead proofing help
Select your Bobble Head Size
7 Inch Size Doll
9 Inch Doll [+$79.00]
12" Doll [+$139.00]
Upgrade to Sculpt with Polymer Clay (click icon for more info)
Eye Color
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Add Glasses
Hair Color
Subjects Hair Color :

Describe Pose
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Describe Outfit and Colors
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Base Shape
Other - describe in notes [+$25.00]
Base Color
Red [+$5.00]
Yellow [+$5.00]
Green [+$5.00]
Pink [+$5.00]
White [+$5.00]
Beach Type [+$10.00]
Other - describe in notes [+$15.00]
I will send photos after
Check box if sending photos later [+$10.00]
1st Person Photo
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Add a hat [+$12.00]
Add a logo [+$10.00]
Add 1 small item [+$17.00]
Add 2 small items [+$30.00]
Add 3 small items [+$39.00]
Add a car / motorcycle / plane / boat [+$100.00]
Add a Bicycle [+$45.00]
Add a non-bobble pet [+$60.00]
Add a Desk/Chair [+$65.00]
Add a Musical Instrument [+$40.00]
Notes for us (Additional Info)
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Production Time Lines (when do you need the doll) help
Approx. 6-8 weeks (Production and delivery) [+$17.50]
Approx. 4-6 weeks (Production and delivery) [+$28.00]
Approx. 3-4 weeks (Production and delivery) [+$42.50]
Approx. 2-3 weeks (Production and delivery) [+$50.00]
Approx. 1-2 weeks (internal proofing only) [+$100.00]
Approx. 1 week (internal proofing only) [+$140.00]
Your Bobblehead Price:
Tell us what you want and we will deliver. This Single full custom head to toe bobblehead doll can be created in whatever u want.
Please check out our information in regards to the type of photos we would like and also our Long Hair Policy which can affect the bobble action of your doll.    Click Here for Information

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